the voice

bullhorn0001Have you ever started the new year off with a word or phrase? My wife typically does. She finds something and then calls the year by it’s name. Last year was “The Year of Today.” This year, I’m not sure I know what it is yet. But God has prepared my heart for what this year will be about between me and Him. I’d like to share it with you.

Take a moment and read Psalm 29. This passage talks about the voice of God, it’s power and majesty, it’s ability to destroy, create, and rule. Not only that, but it makes deer give birth. I’m pretty sure my voice doesn’t do that. I know that deer startle easily, but come on! God’s voice causes them to give birth? It also strips forests bare and reveals what’s hiding in the bushes. And have you ever seen a mountain skip like a calf? A calf’s run is funny to watch. I can only picture a mountain picking up skirt and hightailing it out of there.

As I’ve read the passage over and over again, it makes sense to me that David’s devotion for the day was found in Genesis. He talks about Creation and the Flood, His voice hovering on the waters. Amidst the struggle of mankind and the horror of sin, God is still reigning. His voice will be heard. His voice cannot be ignored, and all those who are in His temple cry, “GLORY!”

There are so many voices to be heard in this world, aren’t there? Everyone seems to be begging for attention. It’s interesting that other voices beg for our attention through all kinds of marketing, but God’s voice commands it regardless of when you’ll hear it. If you don’t hear His voice now, you’ll hear it in the end. You’ll say along with everyone else the Jesus is Lord. Those extra voices distract us from the still, small sound of truth. Just like commercials seem to be louder than the show we’re trying to watch, the commercialism away from Christ does the same thing. It tries to drown out God’s voice. I wonder if it’s possible to hear Him today. If we could just be quiet enough, would we hear His voice? Is it possible to drown out the millions of other voices to hear God’s?

It’s going to take some real discipline for me. This year’s word or phrase for me is God’s voice. The question is whether or not I’ll listen to it. Although I may not hear God’s voice audibly, His voice can still be heard through the Truth of His Word, through the sound of people needing love, a warm coat, a bowl of soup, comfort, compassion, and a nice visit. The thing is, I’ve got to train myself to hear His voice and follow Him where He leads. Jesus said that His sheep know His voice when they hear it. I’m beginning to wonder where the Good Shepherd will lead me next.

Join me in training our ears to hear His voice, to ascribe to Him the glory and strength due Him. If we believe His voice to be true, then the strength of His voice will be there when we’re afraid or hurt. We may underestimate the strength of God’s voice when we choose to ignore His truth, but no longer in this year will I allow that to happen in my life. Please join me.







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