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  • God is light

    God is light

    This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the […]

  • what could be greater?

    Purpose. Such a deep word. Eternity. Too broad for us to understand fully, and yet it is something we can grasp. Fellowship. We all long for it. Put the three together… The only thing that comes to mind is a question. How is it possible? Don’t you want more? Don’t we all wish or long for […]

  • servants of the word

    servants of the word

    Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word, it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for […]

  • a little confusion

    a little confusion

    Today I’ve been preparing for a Worship Department meeting. I’ve been going over my notes and things I want to be sure to cover for tonight, as well as studying for the devotion that begins the meeting. What I went over last time is also what I’m going over tonight, but from a slightly different […]

  • what it is

    About 9 years ago my oldest son, Christopher had many questions for us. He wasn’t super good at asking things very well, but instead of asking, “What is it?” he would say, “What it is.” And we would tell him what it was. (Before you continue to read this, this is one of the “blunt” […]

  • unhindered


    And he stayed two full years in his own rented quarters and was welcoming all who came to him, preaching the kingdom of God and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered. (Acts 28:30, 31 NASB) Have you ever wondered what happened during those two years of Paul’s ministry? For years Paul […]

  • God-wisdom

    Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is […]

  • credibility

    Have you ever read through a book of the Bible in order to get a better picture of what the author is trying to say? Typically we call that “Reading in context.” It really helps us understand a lot better the gist of the book. I recently did that with Galatians. After going through the […]

  • a level place

    Have you ever been hiking? Here in Colorado, there are many places to go and hike. But you have to be careful sometimes. While it is fun, it can also be dangerous. The danger is exhilarating, and you’ll always remember how things went if you were with others, especially if someone gets hurt. But one […]

  • the voice

    Have you ever started the new year off with a word or phrase? My wife typically does. She finds something and then calls the year by it’s name. Last year was “The Year of Today.” This year, I’m not sure I know what it is yet. But God has prepared my heart for what this […]