Have you ever had one of those moments in which you just get lost in the joy of God? I just had one of those. I’m not one to get them all that often, especially in public places. But when I think about the Word becoming flesh, I get excited! I’m celebrating Christmas in February!

Probably one of the coolest things about the Christian faith is that God came down to be a man and live with His creation. I’m humbled the the Creator would spend time with His created, to leave the space of eternity and be trapped in the binds of time for 30+ years, to be born and to have His first smell be of animals, to be God and yet submit like the rest of us to parents, to leave convenience and perfection to enter into a world stained with sin and corruption, to not be recognized, to give life through death, to serve like a slave, to see potential in ordinary and less than ordinary folk, to walk and hunger and thirst, to be tempted with sin, to be made fun of, to get beat up, to get tortured, and them to conquer them all and raise from the dead!

Now He gives those who believe in Him the right to become God’s children! That means that we receive a different origin, one not determined by man but by God Himself! The believer has access to all of the Father and all He has!

John 1 says that the darkness does not understand the Light. When we get in those moment that we don’t understand and question the sovereignty of God, do we still have darkness in us? That’s where faith comes in. And when we believe, that’s when we have been given the things of God. And if the darkness doesn’t understand it, should we expect any different treatment than what Jesus received?

Jesus brings us into the very family of God! Wow! It’s neat how all the things we normally do to try and align ourselves with God has already been met through Jesus. What are we trying to do? He’s already overcome the darkness! Let the light shine through you now! It’s Him, not us! Revamp your faith on the fact that Jesus has overcome the darkness, that He has made right the wrong that once filled our hearts and has brought us into the very presence of God!

What are your thoughts?