Ever heard the statement, “Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans”? I think that’s terrible. I don’t think it’s true at all. If God laughs at your plans, why is He so concerned for you?

I found something in Proverbs that really opened my eyes to show me just how much God cares about our plans and wants to work in them with you. Of course His will is going to be accomplished regardless of us, but He doesn’t laugh at our plans. Let me show you something:

1 To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the proper answer of the tongue. 2 All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD. 3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. 4 The LORD works out everything to its proper end–even the wicked for a day of disaster. 5 The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. 6 Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the LORD evil is avoided. 7 When the LORD takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them. 8 Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. 9 In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. –Proverbs 16:1-9 (NIV) 

Let me preface what I’m about to say with this: those who seek the Lord in all they do will see a change in heart and a change in plans. It all comes from complete submission to His will. Plans do belong to the us. God has His plan and has clearly shared it with us as well. But when we communicate our plans and put them into action, our response to those who question us comes directly from the Lord.

Plans can change as God gently directs us in alignment with His will. If we’re alert enough, we can watch Him work in our lives.

God sees our hearts and knows what motivates us to work toward these plans. And this is where we get that statement I mentioned earlier. I think we need to change our vision and see things through the lenses of God’s eyes. We can see from the context of these verses that committing our plans to the Lord allows Him to bring them to fruition. And the fruit of those plans committed to Him brings Him glory, which is exactly what He’s looking for.

This is how God can work in our plans. We need some changes of heart to see what He has in store for us.

  1. Pure motives (vs 2)
  2. Surrender and commit to His will (vs 3)
  3. Trust and faithfulness toward God (vs 4)
  4. Humility (vs 5)
  5. Love and respect (vs 6)
  6. Pursuit of peace (vs 7)
  7. Integrity (vs 8)
Our objective must begin and end with God. Our focus must be on the reason why He made us: to bring Him glory. Our mindset is based on our response to His love and faithfulness toward us. Our attitude toward others should demonstrate our devotion to Him. Our response is confidently founded on our faith in God. Our actions display our deep conviction. Our result is establishment from God and peace with our enemies. 
We can see that God is invested in our plans. But a heart that pursues Him brings a change in course. The more we seek Him, the more we are made to be like Him. His plans become our plans. And those plans we have stem from a different kind of motivation; a motivation to bring honor and glory to God alone. 

What are your thoughts?