This Sanctification Thing

I’m getting lost in Jesus’ prayer before He went to the cross (John 17). It seems like He’s talking in circles. Maybe He is. The power of God’s name intrigues me. It’s powerful enough to protect, bring unity, give joy, and display truth. It calls us out of what we know into something we might not be too sure of.

My previous post talked about Jesus’ definition of eternal life. It’s knowing God and Jesus. Living eternally calls me out of things I know and am familiar with into a deep relationship with God, a relationship with Someone I can only see evidence of. The miracle of the cross has probably been taken for granted in a lot of ways. I don’t think about it much. Jesus thought highly about it. He came to perform a miracle none of us can see the result of until it’s all over. But we can know it. He says that He wants joy to be complete in His followers. Joy that comes just from knowing our relationship with God; that we have one.

Because I have a relationship with God, He has called me out of the world. I’m no longer a part of it. Things that once were important to me no longer have any value. What I value now above all other things is my relationship with God and to know Him and His Son, Jesus. I believe God sent Him to make the first move toward a relationship with me. True purpose comes to my life because now I see what I was truly made for; an unbroken and unhindered relationship with God. I’m also to remain in the world however long and not be a part of it.

One thing I have to ask. How does God’s name protect us? What kind of “protect” is Jesus talking about? He says protection from the evil one. I wonder…when I make a claim to know God and to be building a relationship with Him, those moments I decide to be a part of the world instead of be apart from it, does the name no longer protect? The unity God so desperately wants between us and Him and His people, does it all break down when we look the same as the world instead of apart from it? I read something in my studies: “Loss of holiness is a loss of joy and truth, and too often results in a complete casualty in the battle.” How can unity stand in the moments I fall down to the earthy things and worship them by desiring what makes me feel good for a moment, those deceivingly attractive lures of the enemy? What happens to the church? How can God protect me by the power of His name when I don’t take joy in the relationship He came to establish with me, at the sacrifice He made for me? God forgive for spitting in your face too!

It’s time to live differently. When the enemy is around the corner, I must attack him. Take joy in the relationship God paid for with His Son. Jesus set Himself apart from the world at the ultimate price so that I can be too. How can I get set apart? Well, sanctification comes from truth. God’s word is truth. How do I know what God wants? Listen to His word. He tells me how to do it. His word sets me apart. And His word helps me develop that relationship He came to begin.

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