A New Ministry

We’ve started a new ministry at our church I’m really excited about. This new ministry is a way to help us worship every day. Too often we find ourselves simply reading God’s Word without doing anything with it. God’s Word should be revolutionary in our every day life! Worship is our response to Him.

Most Sundays are viewed as a time of “worship”. And it seems that the primary meaning of the word pertains only to the Sunday morning gathering. But Romans 12:1-2 says that it involves more than that. It involves sacrifice on my part. I need to be a living sacrifice. Daily I need to offer my life as worship to Him. When I do that, my outlook on things should change, my response to situations change, my decisions change, and what God teaches me when I listen to Him does not and will not return void. My life changes. The way I’m living changes. My purpose of living changes.

This new ministry is called “Worship: Unrated“. It’s meant to get all of us thinking outside the box of Sunday morning worship to worshiping daily throughout the week with our lifestyle. It’s like getting a movie but the Director’s Cut, or the Unrated version, the kind of stuff the director wanted to originally put in the movie. God wants us to worship beyond Sunday morning. Check it out and sign up for a week and see what it’s like! Leave me a comment!

One thought on “A New Ministry

  1. Nathan, I am so excited that you listened to God and began this ministry. Next to marriage and parenting it is the only other ministry where we have been able to physically work side-by-side – I love it! I don’t know where God is going to take this and you with your amazing creativity and quick learning, but I know it is somewhere great! And, I’m so excited that I get to go there too!
    I love you! Keep the faith my man! Be faithful in the “little”, then watch out, God’s gonna heap on a lot more soon!

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