Knowledge Gets In The Way

Have you ever come across those people who seem to know everything about everything? They always have an answer. Don’t you just want to slap them?? Just kidding. However, “knowledge” can get in the way of relationship and enjoyment.

Read this.

So, my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word can actually hinder people from growing in their relationship to God. It’s like this; we know that the Bible is silent in some areas and speaks in others. Those “silent” areas, or gray areas, give room for personal interpretation. But what could be a liberty to me could even cause someone to sin! My knowledge of the Bible then becomes a hindrance to relationship with God instead of a freedom I can enjoy. A young Christian struggling to know what God desires or anyone who looks to me as a leader deserves an unquestionable example. I cannot allow my knowledge to ruin the enjoyment of pursuing Christ. If I do, I deserve to be slapped.

Plainly said, if what I “______” causes my brother to fall into sin, I will never “____________” again, so that I will not cause him to fall. You fill in the blank…

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