He Crawls!

For awhile now we have been trying to get our second son, Timothy, to start crawling. I don’t know why we do this. It is so much easier when the kids stay put, then we know where they are. But they need to advance in their learning so we encourage them to become mobile. We try and get them to talk, then they start talking, and we want peace and quiet. Parents bring it upon themselves.

Anyways, ever since he figured out how to sit up from laying down, he has rolled around in a sitting position across the floor to get where he needed to go. He would fake like he was going to crawl, then sit back up, every time inching his way across the floor.

Today our older son was eating a biscuit in the living room and set it down on his plate on the floor. Timothy decided he wanted it. So he started to move forward. I grabbed the plate and began moving it backwards, and he kept moving forward! He was crawling!! Well, it finally happened. Both of our sons are mobile and it is Christmas time. So much for keeping the presents wrapped!

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