The Truth is…

It’s funny how for years people have been looking for the answer to the question, “What is truth?” Philosophers from long ago have asked the question and sought the answer but never found it. People look at stars, call psychics, perform deductions, but still can’t seem to find “truth”. Is truth solely a correct answer?

I can remember the first time I lied to my parents. I was five years old and had just gotten home from one of my teeball games. I hit my brother, he tattled, I lied. The truth still came out though. I was wrong and couldn’t live with myself for not telling the truth. As I grew older I figured out how to tell “white lies”, which are only half-truths, enough truth to keep me out of trouble and punishment. It is still a lie that I was telling. It would be like someone saying that they met your wife somewhere and became friends with her, but the truth doesn’t stop there when there is an affair present. The truth is, is that no matter how we try and cover up whatever it is that we have done the truth will still prevail in some way.

I read a story in a book about a carpenter who had been honest all his life. His boss came to him and gave him charge over the building of the next house. The carpenter reasoned to himself that if he would use second grade and report it as first grade, he could skim the profits, and after everything would be finished no one would notice what he did. So he did it. After the house was built, the boss came to him and said, “Joe, you did excellent work! As a token of our gratitude for all the good, hard work you have done with us through the years, we have decided to give you this house!” Its’ funny, the truth continues on. And all the lies that we continue to tell over and over eventually become our “home” or our way of life–we have to live in it and live with it! Even though no one else knew about what the carpenter did, he still knew. Every lie we tell we have to live with.

We have all heard it said that the truth never changes. The truth is, a lie does change the truth. And when that happens the truth is no longer a truth.

We have also heard the expression, “Truth hurts.” It does. No one likes to hear that they have been wrong. But if people would have done the right thing they wouldn’t have been told that what they did was wrong. I read in 2 Timothy 4 that people will get tired of listening to the truth, so they will hire people who tell them what they want to hear. Well, sometimes what people want to hear and what they need to hear are two different things. The truth is, if the truth hurts then something is wrong, and if it deosn’t then maybe something is ok. But most of us get defensive when we are told the truth. If we are to learn how to become a better person we need to hear the truth in order to change.

The truth is, Jesus reigns. God is God and we are not. The truth is, there is a heaven and there is a hell. Those who say they don’t believe it are simply denying the truth! And even is that isn’t enough they will be proven in the end. The Bible says in Matthew 16:27 that Jesus will come and judge each person according to what they have done. So believing is not all there is to Christianity, but proving you believe and love Jesus is also part of it (James 2). He won’t judge people according to what they believe but according to what they have done during their life on earth. The truth is, Jesus is coming back again. The truth is, America has hired people to say what they want to hear and we all are suffering from it! The thing Amerca doesn’t need to hear is one more comment that excludes the need for morality, truth, honesty, purity, doing what is right, God, respect, and honor. We need to hear the truth!!! There is a right and wrong, deceiving people gets us nowhere in life but earns disrespect, love is not sex but something deeper that looks beyond our emotions and into whole-hearted service, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him!!!

The truth…I found it. We have been looking for it all along and keep running around in circles. Here is the truth. It is written in John 17: 17. Jesus is praying for His disciples before He went to the cross. He said in His prayer, “Sanctify them by the truth; YOUR WORD IS TRUTH.” There it is, y’all. The truth is the Word of God, the Bible, God’s love letter to us. Are you looking for the truth? I found it and I am telling it to you…it is Jesus.

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