Meridian Point Church Website

Where It All Began For Me

I was initially hired to be the Worship Pastor at Meridian Point Church back in 2006. I was part of the team that started MPC and have been there ever since. The church’s website has changed or been revamped many times, and it’d be impossible for me to include each design as something you’d be able to look at. But here’s where it all started.

When I first started making sites for MPC, I used Apple’s iWeb app. Then I learned how to code and made it in html, moved on from there to php, and now use WordPress. Initially I developed a custom theme using Starkers framework. But I needed to move on to more customizable opportunities because more people started taking care of the site.

The current version of the site was made using the Avada theme from This is a fantastic theme that I use for many new websites. It’s completely customizable and works well for all devices.

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