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I’m a God chaser, husband to a wonderful wife, father to 5 children, pastor in a church, designs graphics and websites, and runs SEO and online marketing for companies. I love playing the guitar, lifting weights, and fishing. I grew up in Texas, went to college in Missouri (where I met my beautiful wife), started churches in Colorado, and now serve the Lord in Tulsa, OK. I believe God has called me to equip and encourage people in their relationship with the Lord. My intent is to follow His lead in my next step.

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I am married to Anastasia Stephan. We have 3 boys, Christopher (18), Timothy (17), Aaron (16), and two daughters, Hannah (12) and Ruth (9). We have been in ministry for a total of 19 years, serving together. I have been a God-chaser for 30+ years now and my relationship with Him is the most important thing to me. I believe God has called me to equip and encourage people in their relationship with the Lord.

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First off, my heart is for the Lord! I’ve spent my life singing having grown up in a musical family. I’ve been playing the guitar since 1994 and give lessons from time to time. My ministry within the church has allowed me to develop skills in public speaking and confident stage presence and influence. Longevity has also proven capability and trust in the work.


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